CourageIt’s rare to see true courage exhibited in today’s culture. Many times the world wants us to go against our morals and better judgement to do what is easy and foolish. There are few who are willing to do what is against the norm, or who are willing to risk everything to do what is right. Veritas is Latin means truth. With that name, we recognize that we must have the courage to stand when others do not and to speak when others are silent. We celebrate those who have courage, and show examples of courage in our movies. We challenge you to join our crusade to stand up against the social normals and fight for a more courageous society.
Are you a person of character? The answer may seem obvious, but in reality, it is one that we all struggle with everyday. Everyone as certain character traits which dictate how we live our lives. At Veritas Entertainment we believe that a strong, upright character should be the basis for every story we tell. We mirror this character in our films, and show the public examples of upstanding individuals. By doing this, we will provide an example to the world what it means to be a person of character.

ConvictionConviction means having a firmly held belief or opinion and in today’s society, that is harder than one might think. The status quo wants us to go with the popular opinion, even if that means turning against your own beliefs. At Veritas Entertainment, that pressure does not resinate. Regardless of what that belief is, we think it is important to stand true to your principles, and never waver. The films we create have convictions that will hold true and never fail. In this way, we will show people how having conviction is not only important, but necessary to having a life with meaning.