Treason the Movie

Treason-posterBased on the Novel by Don Brown

Naval JAG officer Zack Brewer faces the challenge of his career as he is chosen to prosecute three radical Islamists posing as US Navy chaplain officers. The accusations against them range from murder to terrorism. The world looks on as the Islamic imams (religious leaders) receive outside financial assistance to hire the world’s greatest defense attorney, a lawyer named WELLS LEVINSON, who lives and practices in Los Angeles.

Brewer and his heated rival, Diane Colcernian, who are still enemies from their days in the Naval Justice School, are ordered to work together as co-prosecutors against the three Islamic chaplains, where they face the world’s greatest defense attorney, Wells Levinson.  Brewer is the lead prosecutor, and Colcernian, who will later morph into a romantic interest, is his assistant.

In a San Diego military courtroom, the prosecution of the three Navy chaplains by Brewer grabs the attention of the entire world, and becomes literally a heavyweight legal matchup, in what the press will be calling, “the Court-Martial of the Century.”

The screenplay for TREASON largely tracks the storyline of exciting, best-selling novel written by Don Brown which features military action, riveting incidents of international terror, all woven within the context of an exciting JAG thriller.
There are exciting action based differences from the novel will peak movie goers into a Bourne style film with court room drama! Treason is sure to keep the interests of the viewers.  Based on the public’s thirst for such films within the world’s current geo-political climate, we believe in TREASON’s success.