The Samaritan Documentary

Samaritan posterHow far would you go to help a stranger?

Desperate to escape a torturous communist country, a man defects and leaves everything behind him to seek freedom. Once free, he now needs help to free his family but does not know how to get it. Soon he will meet the young Texas lawyer Eddie Roush who will be willing to take a chance to help this man and free his family.

Risking everything including his own life, Eddie decides that it is worth it to pursue all the legal and personal matters necessary to help Paul Firica and his family gain their freedom to America. The sacrificial process will take him literally around the globe. He will meet with U.S. Senators and Congressmen, CIA and FBI agents, Members of Parliament in London, and European leaders in and effort to raise awareness to the awful situation in Romania and specifically Mr. Firica.

The personal story of sacrifice intersects with a historic story of the Romanian Revolution which broke out as a result of religious persecution. A cross between Argo and Charlie Wilson’s War this suspense drama is powerful.