The Samaritan Documentary Debuts in Hollywood

Samaritan posterVeritas Productions will be screening our newest film release THE SAMARITAN documentary September 18, 2015 for the Golden Rule International Humanitarian Awards in Hollywood, California. The event will be held at ABC Disney Studios in Los Angeles with Dr. Clyde Rivers, Ambassador at large to the African nation of Burundi hosting the event along with Golden Rule World Peace Ambassadors Tim Sweeney and Debra Denase. They are leaders in the Hollywood Humanitarian Voice, a network that speaks to the betterment of humanity around the world. Ambassador Rivers is the Founder and President of iChange Nations and the Human Rights Global Congress.

The Golden Rule International event honors individuals in the entertainment industry who have upheld the Golden Rule of “Treating others the way you would want to be treated”. Veritas is grateful to be among the very distinguished attendees. Our own Kevin McAfee will be receiving an award at the ceremony along with nine other entertainment professionals whose career warrants this prestigious honor. Other awards will be given and will be posted.

We are especially excited that our newest film just completed by our director Kevin McAfee THE SAMARITAN documentary will be shown to the film industry leaders on Friday night. The film highlights the story of a Texas lawyer who in 1985 decided to help a total stranger who defected from Romania to get his family out of the communist country during the Cold War. The personal story is woven into the larger political revolution where persecution of faith followers was an untold holocaust.

We are looking forward to sharing more exciting news in the future as we open the movie up to more audiences, film festivals in 2016 and eventually a DVD release.