Kevin McAfee, CEO of Veritas has been in the film and television industry for over 35 years. As CEO of Every Tribe Entertainment, he executive produced and produced the films END OF THE SPEAR and BEYOND THE GATES OF SPLENDOR with FOX ENTERTAINMENT. He was a former executive with NEST ENTERTAINMENT, who created the movie THE SWAN PRINCESS released NEW LINE CINEMA. His experience with Nest, Fox and other major motion picture companies has given Kevin the knowledge and contacts crucial to ensuring success in producing quality entertainment films.


Introducing you to Veritas Productions is our pleasure and we welcome you to our team page. We are a production company that welcomes all people. People who are different and alike, who share dreams and visions of working in a positive “can do” environment. We are here to impact culture with excellent entertainment for audiences everywhere. In doing this, our stories focus on real life, on complete fantasy, on humor, action, drama, romance, mystery, conflict, character and beyond. In the past decade we have been filming compelling stories everywhere, like in South America, Eastern Europe, England, Africa and we just keep following people who take us around the globe.

Where We Are Located

So many film companies who are based in LA have become a part of our movies. However, we saw an opportunity to locate our production offices in Franklin, Tennessee just south of Nashville. We are an independent film company in a community of multi-ethnic artists who connect with community. Enormous lessons have been learned by working in association with many companies of like mind, heart and spirit. Our goals are simple, we want to make films that matter. Our box office experience has taught us many lessons over the thirty-four years since the dream began.

We Are Family

Many of our team have worked together for almost two decades and we are more than colleagues, we are really more like family Our “open door” policy stands and we never know when the next person we meet may change our lives and audiences everywhere. The foundation of our company is based on working to be people of character. It’s not just about ending up at a premiere, but what was the “journey” along the way truly like? You are welcome here and we thank you for wanting to find our more about our company. Please feel free to stop by when you are in town as we believe Music City may one day be more like Film City in the future…

Emerging Trends

Uniquely, as a production company we have a digital media plan involving the emerging trends before us. This begins with a great distribution network and relationships with box office to niche marketing options. We invest in technology, in emerging and ever changing trends within our industry and we support other film companies who are out there trying to make a difference too. You will recognize the actors who perform in our movies, but you will also see new people who are rising in their respective acting areas. The majority of our team is a group of proven veterans who have been fortunate to have worked on some of the biggest films in the industry.

How We Are Different

Our people in our organization have a desire to do things right all the time. We focus on being people of character, doing what you say you will do and being prompt to pay during production, respectful of others and communicative. These are character traits we do our best in living. Our team knows the standards are high, and even when things aren’t perfect, we are sitting on the same side of the table as people who are in the trenches to have positive rewards at the end of the journey. We have a long term commitment to our people, to our performers and to our financiers. We like to attach ourselves to worthy causes and practice excellence!

Come find out more about our Veritas team spirit and you will find why truth goes beyond imagination.